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about Terra Nimbus

So what does "Terra Nimbus" actually mean?

According to reference sources such as Wikipedia, the general gist is that Terra ( is the latin word for Earth, and Nimbus ( is the Latin word for Halo or Cloud. As we are fundamentally an engineering consulting firm, we refer the two most important traits for an engineer, or indeed any problem solver are primarily a good understanding of fundamentals, linked with an expansive use of new ideas and innovation.
The mix of basics and new ideas is the key to solving problems quickly and precisely.
Therefore the association of the earth with fundamentals and clouds as ideas and innovation is the true basis of the name. Similarly, the logo represents the ochre coloured earth, as a strong basis to problem solving and the sky-blue background as the the expansive ideas - and indeed the potential of the project. To highlight the difference between the two regions we have emphasised the halo.

In the short time that the company has been active, we have heard many opinions about our name from our clients and friends, but the most frequent response is that they know that the name sounds and the logo looks familiar, but nobody is sure why!
Perhaps we can assist - please visit our company's "Inspiration Page" by clicking here.

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